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What is detoxification?

Detoxification refers to the elimination of toxins from your body. This can be accomplished by using an approach known as biotherapeutic drainage, which uses specialized homeopathic medicine formulas (UNDA), micro-doses of minerals, and concentrated botanical formulas to drain your body of toxins. These medicines work by assisting the function of your major organs and tissues, such as the liver and kidney, which are chiefly responsible for toxin elimination. Ultimately, detoxification helps to improve your symptoms and reduce the basis for disease. 

What conditions can be treated by detoxification?

Detoxification therapies such as biotherapeutic drainage can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions. For example, infectious illnesses like bronchitis, flu, and common cold in addition to chronic illnesses such as PCOS, digestive disorders, and migraines can all be treated with biotherapeutic drainage. 

Is biotherapeutic drainage safe?

Yes, it's safe for both children and adults. The medicines help the body's capacity to dislodge, process, and eliminate toxins without creating undue strain on the body. 

How does biotherapeutic drainage work?

The medicines are prescribed after an interview and physical exam. Our doctors will then prescribe a specific formula based on your symptoms.  The formula is designed to target stressed organs with botanicals/homeopathics and support their overall function with the use of minerals, resulting in improved toxin elimination. This process ultimately has a cleansing and self-regulating effect, restoring health.

Will this interfere with my medications?

No, biotherapeutic drainage medicines will not interfere with your medicines and can be taken safely on conjunction with them. 

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