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What does a nutritionist do?

A nutritionist will work with you to develop a realistic and healthy diet. The specifics of that diet will depend on your goals and symptoms. Many people seeking nutrition plans also have digestive disorders, in which case one of our naturopathic doctors will usually recommend natural medicines to support digestion. 

Is seeing a nutritionist worth it?

If you've been struggling with your weight, were recently diagnosed with an illness, or you just need advice on how to eat a healthier diet, speaking to a nutritionist can help you. Our doctors at Bethel Naturopathic Medical can teach you the basics of healthy eating and how you can make simple changes to improve your eating habits, manage your weight, and optimize your health. 

What does a nutritionist ask you?

Nutritionists will ask you various questions to get a better understanding of your lifestyle and eating habits. Some questions may include:

  • why are you seeking nutrition services?

  • what are your specific goals nutrition goals?

  • have you tried a nutrition plan before?

  • do you cook at home or eat out?

  • which foods do you like and dislike?

  • what is your daily schedule?

Is a nutritionist a doctor?​

Some nutritionists are doctors, but you don't have to be a doctor to be a nutritionist. In Connecticut, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist because the state doesn't require a specific license, degree, or certification. 

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