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What is thermography?

Also known as digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI), thermography measures heat distribution in your body. It's considered an accurate and non-invasive test that can detect subtle heat changes that are associated with conditions like breast cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, and vascular disorders. 

What is a breast thermogram?

A breast thermogram is an evaluation of  the breast tissue and lymph nodes. Women of all ages may benefit from an annual thermogram, but it is especially useful for women ages 25 - 40, as mammography is not usually recommended until age 40. A measure of breast tissue health is important before age 40 because breast cancer commonly occurs in women under 45. Also at risk are those with dense breast tissue, fibrocystic breasts, and breast implants.

What else is thermography used for?

Thermography can also aid in the evaluation of conditions such as back injuries, arthritis, headache, nerve damage, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, dental infection, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD), carpal tunnel,  degenerative disc disease, skin cancer, sprain and strains, digestive disorders, and more. 

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