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We wanted to send out another email, letting everyone know that we are staying open!

That the State of Connecticut, has designated Naturopathic Physicians to be "Essential,"

and fall under the category of Healthcare Workers. This was confirmed by our Naturopathic Association's Lobbyist and Legal Team.

We will continue to be here, to care for you and your family through this very trying and stressful time. Please call our Office (203-748-4447) to set up an Appointment.

Your appointment can be scheduled in Office with Dr. Herman, or via Telemedicine (phone or skype function through your laptop or desktop).

In addition, we are doing everything to ensure your safety, during your in Office appointments with Dr. Herman. In accordance with the CDC, we are using the certified EPA registered wipes, sprays, and disinfectants to keep our Office clean. Everyday we are wiping down tables, counters, chairs, arms of our chairs, and yes, even our doorknobs are getting cleaned.

We take your Health and Safety seriously.

Please communicate with us, as to how we can be of help to you - Email, and Phone 203-748-4447


Bethel Naturopathic Medical

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