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Care for Cancer Patients

What are alternatives to chemotherapy?

If you've recently been told that you need treatment for cancer, then chemotherapy might have been recommended immediately or in the near future. There is no true alternative to chemotherapy, which is a highly aggressive treatment that can save your life depending on the stage and grade of cancer. If you've been told that you need chemotherapy or surgery, then the cancer is likely at risk of spreading or invading other tissues. At that point, chemotherapy is highly recommend.

What are natural treatments for cancer?

There are therapies that can support patients who have cancer, but it depends on how long you've been living with it and whether or not it has progressed.  For early stage diagnoses like carcinoma in-situ or stage 0 cancer, natural medicines can play a role in affecting the way you feel. Natural therapies are usually administered in conjunction with recommended conventional therapies such as chemotherapeutics or immunologic agents. 

Can cancer be treated with naturopathy?​


Treating cancer is not just about having one type of practitioner helping you, but rather involves having a team of doctors who are all working in your favor. Having a naturopathic doctor on your care team is an excellent choice because they can make recommendations about topics such as what to eat and what can be taken to manage symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and GI upset. Naturopathic doctors will work to help improve the overall condition of your body and to optimize your immune, endocrine, and lymphatic system. 

How can you prevent cancer?

While there is no one proven way to prevent cancer, it usually involves taking steps to ensure that you're living a healthy lifestyle. Foundations include nutrition, exercise, mental/emotional health, and developing positive relationships. Working with a practitioner on a regular basis is one way to ensure that you're maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Can the ZYTO scan detect cancer?

The ZYTO scan is not a true diagnostic tool for cancer or any other diseases and is not meant to be. It shows you how much stress your body is under and what's causing that stress. The ZYTO scan can detect changes in the function of your body, but does not diagnose illness. It can be very useful in preventing illness. This is because it can detect major stressors on your organ systems, including the immune system, lymphatic, GI system, and endocrine system. These body systems are often involved in cancer and other illnesses. Signs of significant distress over time on multiple ZYTO scan reports, particularly in the lymphatic system, can be an indication that your body is attempting to regulate a cancerous process. However, the best tool for detecting cancer would initially be a blood count with your PCP, which would commonly show abnormalities in your white blood cells. 

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